Saturday, November 8, 2014

Who's to blame? - Story of a gay guy trapped in a straight marriage.

Now they say I am a coward, a cheater and insane.
Those like me, those unlike me, all say the same.

I wanted to be myself and lead a happy life,
But the society said, I am not man enough with out a wife.

I told to my parents that I am different, which only led to a fight.
They were convinced that marriage to a girl will make me alright.

I knew no one to talk to, except my sleeping partners.
All were either married or going to be. you can guess their answers.

I grew up seeing guys, sleeping out of homes, now and then.
And their women kept quite as if its normal for men.

I searched for examples of happily unmarried but could find none.
when I failed to prove to the family of another possibility, I had to give in.

I tried to be monogamous to my wife, but went mad in months.
I couldn't eat, talk or work, until I started sleeping with hunks.

Soon taking the blame, the lady wept silently in front of the mirror
Immense guilt and pain were only turning my life to horror.

On a mechanical day, we could conceive a baby,
Thanking God that we have a reason to be happy.

Only to realize we got trapped in a deeper shit,
Neither could we mate nor could we separate.

Society that can't accept a difference, Parents seeking conformance  
Nosy relatives or the Spineless me? Who's to blame, who's to blame?

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